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Jeremy Flores Suspended For J-Bay Tantrum

posted by / ASP, News / July 18, 2014

No Tahiti, no Huntington.

Jeremy Flores On Slater’s Board // Oz // 3:01

posted by / Video / March 19, 2014

Jeremy Flores has never seen Eastbound and Down.

Benjamin Sanchis & Friends // France // 3:59

posted by / Video / March 17, 2014

The anti-bully.

2014 Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast: Round 3

posted by / ASP, Photos / March 9, 2014

Conservative with a dash of drama.

Jeremy Flores // “Enjoy Being Yourself” // 2:49

posted by / Video / March 5, 2013

Yes, this is a Quiky ad for Jeremy’s signature trunks

But hell, if the footage is this good, does it really matter anymore?

Jeremy Flores // Supertubes, Portugal // 2:19

posted by / Video / October 11, 2012

Got Jeremy on your Fantasy Surfing team? Think again.

Jeremy’s Pipeline training grounds are just down the road

Hurley Lowers Pro 2012: Day 2 Video Highlights // 1:47

posted by / Video / September 17, 2012

The finest rail and aerial surfing on display during round two

Upsets, rodeo flips and last minute heroics

Billabong Pro Tahiti 2012 Update

posted by / Photos / August 21, 2012

Unfavorable conditions have forced contest organizers to take four consecutive lay days since Round 1 and 2 of the Billabong Pro Tahiti concluded.

Not to worry, the swell should bump up for the last two days of the waiting period

Volcom Fiji Pro (Round 1 and 2)

posted by / Event, Photos / June 4, 2012

Thanks to Volcom, the dreamiest of dream tour stops is back

Cloudbreak came to life on day 1 and 2 engorging the worlds best in stand up tubes

Jeremy Flores and Friends // 2012 Moments // 3:20

posted by / Video / May 21, 2012

If your behind the scenes looked anything like this from the first five months of 2012, life is pretty good.

What’s the rest of the year have in store for Reunion Island’s favorite son?

12 Victorian Photos

posted by / Photos / April 5, 2012

SURFING Magazine is in Bells Beach and here is the proof.

The waves are pumping, and expected to improve

Jeremy Flores // Mentawais, Indonesia // 4:04

posted by / Video / April 4, 2012

Reunion Island’s Jeremy Flores looks so comfortable in the tube — like lounging on a lazy boy

How’s that ten second tube @ 1:26?

You Are Here: J-Flo

posted by / Blogs, Editorial / March 8, 2011

You Are Here, Nathan MyersThe doctors can’t find anything wrong with Jeremy Flores…but then, they haven’t seen Sterling Spencer’s video

The Sound and the Fury

posted by / Blogs / February 20, 2011

Baby! Take it Off! By Chas SmithSunny Garcia: tax-evading awesome. Jeremy Flores: autograph-evading awesome. Their tag-team of an Australian provocateur: pure beauty

Sunny Garcia and Jeremy Flores involved in Gold Coast Fight

posted by / News / February 19, 2011

No charges have been made against Garcia while Flores is disqualified from competition

Children’s Stories From The 2010 Vans Triple Crown

posted by / Lightbox / January 14, 2011

Gather round, boys and girls! For there are tales to tell…

Synopsis & Video: Pipe Masters Final Day

posted by / News, Video / December 17, 2010

Moments that mattered on Pipe’s final day — nothing more, nothing less

Boys Love Kelly Slater

posted by / Video / September 14, 2010

But, mmm…not in a good way

Billabong Pro Tahiti Final Day: Expect the Unexpected

posted by / News / September 4, 2010

Andy Irons’ incredible return – a Cinderella Story.

Fog Delay

posted by / Event / October 26, 2009

The Rip Curl Pro Search is delayed, but that didn’t stop us By Chas Smith The contest has been put […]

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