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LNF: Winter Is Coming // North Shore // 5:43

posted by / Video / October 27, 2014

As if you weren’t excited enough already.

Alex & Koa Smith // Inside Out // 3:38

posted by / Video / April 20, 2014

Macro tubes in Micronesia.

Dyan Graves & Koa Smith // Philippines // 3:27

posted by / Video / January 23, 2014

This is how to dream.

Monday Photos: Philippines

posted by / Monday Photos, Photos / January 20, 2014

With Dylan Graves and Koa Smith.

Alex & Koa Smith // Indo // 4:27

posted by / Video / October 21, 2013

Part 2 of Last Name First’s Indonesia mission

Another classic

Alex & Koa Smith // Dos Banderas // 3:18

posted by / Video / August 28, 2013

The brothers score Nicaragua and Mexico

Power, panache and sexy girls

A Conversation With Alex Smith

posted by / Blogs / August 16, 2013

The Smith brothers know the secret to a successful web clip

Spoiler alert: it includes half-naked girls

Vans US Open Of Surfing: The Hangover

posted by / Photos / July 31, 2013

US Open of SURFINGThirty-five photos from a weeklong bender

We enjoyed every last sip

Fishtales: US Open Interviews // 4:20

posted by / Video / July 30, 2013

Why do you love Huntington Beach? Funniest tattoo you’ve seen? Tyler Wright or Carissa Moore?

Fish asks the tough questions

Alex and Koa Smith // Indonesia // 4:51

posted by / Video / July 2, 2013

A new edit paired with a new website

LastNameFirst.tv given new life

Koa Smith + Friends // Mainland Mexico // 3:52

posted by / Video / December 28, 2012

Team lastnamefirst.tv join Michel Bourez and Kai Barger

Stepping off never looked so good

Alex and Koa Smith // California // 4:09

posted by / Video / October 9, 2012

LastNameFirst.tv presents their California Summer

If the North Shore wasn’t their winter, reckon they’d stay year round?

Alex Gray + Friends // Teahhupo’o, Tahiti // 3:23

posted by / Video / October 4, 2012

Turkeymelt’s latest score, Party Wave. Kai Barger, Dusty Payne and Koa Smith join the festivities

Maybe the only thing missing is a piñata

Tom Carey’s Tahiti

posted by / Photos / September 27, 2012

The sneaky bastard just up and went down there without telling anyone — took Alex Gray, Dusty Payne, Koa Rothman and Koa Smith with him…and met others.

They got tall barrels. Wanna see?

Alex + Koa Smith // El Salvador // 3:07

posted by / Video / July 27, 2012

LastNameFirst.tv escapes into the wild west of El Salvador

Life operates by a different set of rules here

2012 Lowers Raid

posted by / Photos, Video / July 15, 2012

Murmurs spread throughout the countryside Friday morning that Lowers would be ransacked and pillaged

As the clock struck three, hordes of misfit youth descended upon the Lowers peak

August Issue 2012 Outtakes: Hashtag Hunted

posted by / Photos, Video / June 26, 2012

Professional surfers have always been lusted after. Beau Foster, Luke Davis, Koa Smith and Evan Geiselman are the prey

Photos and a video edit from our August 2012 Issue

August Issue/Globe Film Launch Party

posted by / Event, Photos / June 11, 2012

Last Friday at our issue release party the theme came to life; Sex, Money, Power.

The Spare Room at the Roosevelt was the canvas for the madness

LastNameFirst.tv // Year 1 Recap // 2:57

posted by / Video / May 30, 2012

Alex and Koa Smith just had their best year ever — jet-setting from shore to shore

A retrospective look into their past year. We’re pretty jealous at the moment

Corey Wilson’s Wild Week

posted by / Photos / May 9, 2012

With the Nike Lowers Pro in town, SURFING’s Corey Wilson got to work with the visiting pro’s.

Airs, Tigers and Playboy bunnies make for a solid week in review

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