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SURFING Presents: The Reason

posted by / Video / January 21, 2015

Why we travel, that is.

Boards: Mikala Jones

posted by / Magazine / June 24, 2014

Read this before ordering your next step up.

Monday Photos: Not Papua New Guinea

posted by / Monday Photos / June 16, 2014

The art of deception.

Luke Davis & Mikala Jones // 2 Days In Bali // 1:52

posted by / Video / August 21, 2013

How many barrels can you possibly pack in 48 hours?

Apparently a lot

You Are Here: Surf Movies, 2012

posted by / Blogs / April 25, 2012

You Are Here, Nathan MyersA brief glance at some of this year’s early underground surf movie releases.

Part I: The Indies

You Are Here: Mikala Jones, Survivor

posted by / Blogs / April 17, 2012

You Are Here, Nathan MyersThis wave nearly killed him. It was the worst wipeout of his life.

This is his story.

Instagram: Mikala Jones

posted by / Photos / January 16, 2012

While not on Instagram (just quite yet), Mikala’s been capturing many moments on his iPhone

Fourteen side by side images from Hawaii and Bali for your viewing pleasure

10 Photos // Enter Summer

posted by / Photos / June 13, 2011

We pulled a dozen A-grade surf shots from around the world to light your summer fire — then we killed the weakest two, because you deserve only the best

10 in 2010: The Year in Photos

posted by / Photos / December 29, 2010

A visual eulogy for the dying year, from SURFING’s traveling photo team. Part 5 in a series.
Words and photos by Jeff Flindt

January 2011 Issue Wallpaper

posted by / Photos / December 1, 2010

Freshen up your desktop!

Just Shoot Yourself

posted by / News / August 30, 2010

If no one documents it, did it really happen? Mikala Jones says it no.

Saharan Hitchhiker

posted by / Blogs, Photo / May 5, 2010

Notes from a bonus feature

The Field Narrows

posted by / News / March 17, 2010

Ten surfers remain, and you have three days left to go to Innersection.tv and pick your top five. Here’s ours.

Sipping Sahara

posted by / News / January 3, 2010

Taylor Steele rings in the final chapter of his next Sipping Jetstreams film in darkest Africa By Nathan Myers There’s

Under The Covers with Daniel Jones

posted by / Under The Covers / September 24, 2009

The story behind this month’s cover shot with Daniel Jones By Travis Ferre SURFING Magazine: Daniel, what were you doing