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The Box Loves You

posted by / WSL / April 16, 2015

Round 2!

Rip Curl Pro Bells Free Surfs

posted by / Video / April 7, 2015

Starring Mr. Ho, Fanning, Gabby, Owen, and Wilko.

Owen Wright // Surfing is Everything // 2:31

posted by / Video / February 24, 2015

Very Owen.

Rip Curl // Surfing is Everything Part 4 Hawaii // 4:02

posted by / Video / December 2, 2014

Ain’t it something?

Rip Curl Team // Surfing Is Everything // 3:31

posted by / Video / January 13, 2014

Owen Wright, Taylor Clark, Matt Wilkinson, Dillon Perillo and Gabriel Medina prove it.

Mirage Aggrolite: Owen Wright // 2:44

posted by / Video / April 18, 2013

The final installment of the Mirage Aggrolite

Have they saved the best for last?

Dragon Introduces the Owen Wright REMIX

posted by / News / February 20, 2013

Athlete inspired eyewear

A twelve-hour journey into the desert sparks the REMIX

Rip Curl Rubber Souls: Owen Wright // 2:37

posted by / Video / October 10, 2012

Episode two in a series

Cumulatively, his California quiver resembles a basket of Easter eggs

Taylor, Owen, Ace, Mick // Lower Trestles // 3:40

posted by / Video / September 13, 2012

The four best friends split peaks and dodge compromising objects like pros

Hurley Lowers Pro, here they come

Owen Wright // Frame of Mind, Episode 2 // 2:14

posted by / Video / June 26, 2012

Inside the mind of Owen’s fast lane

“Any kind of adrenaline gets me going. Any activity that’s exciting — a bit dangerous.” — Owen Wright

Back to School: 2012 Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

posted by / Lightbox / March 22, 2012

School’s back in session and back-to-tour shopping is complete

It is our pleasure to present to you the class of 2013.

A Chat With ASP Head Judge Richard Porta

posted by / Blogs / March 8, 2012

From our February 2012 issue, SURFING talks with ASP head judge Richard Porta to discuss style, criteria and some controversial calls…

Adriano v. Owen (Rio), Parko v. Julian (Trestles) and Taj v. Travis (France) revealed

Owen Wright // Pipeline // 2:25

posted by / Video / February 8, 2012

Owen “Avatar” Wright discusses his best Hawaii season to date

Double-grab aerials have been fading away — for good reason. Owen implements double-hand stalls and gets deeper in the tube. Jimmicane, what’s your stance here?

Ten Photos: Favorite Places to Shoot With Nate Lawrence

posted by / Photos / January 17, 2012

Nate’s a man that knows what he likes and here’s 10 photos that showcase it

Water angles, helicopters, and Indonesia — all the best from the best

Mikey Wright // Lenox Head // 1:26

posted by / Video / January 16, 2012

He’s 15. He’s Owen’s little brother. He’s also the under 16 Aus champ

Older brother and sister have written the map, Mikey just needs to navigate it

What Would You Say You Do Here? Head ASP judge Richard Porta

posted by / Magazine / December 22, 2011

The ASP judges have a tough job.

Here’s a look inside the mind of head judge Richard Porta>/strong>

Owen, Dillon, Evan, Conner // Lost Atlas Lost Session // 2:37

posted by / Video / December 5, 2011

The Young Wise Tails dig through some old files and find hidden gold — virgin footage

Let’s give all our favorite videographers a shovel — just to see what they might find

Rip Curl Pro Search San Francisco: The City

posted by / Lightbox / November 17, 2011

The warmest summer I ever spent was a fall in San Francisco

THE DRAGON TALES// Chapter I: Owen Wright

posted by / Video / November 10, 2011

With a flowing swagger, he moves through the water with distinctive flair, hinting of even greater performances yet to be unveiled…

Best of Three: Kelly Slater Victorious at Lowers

posted by / Lightbox / October 14, 2011

In round III, Kelly bests Owen to take the lead in the series: Kelly 2, Owen 1.

This may just be our best work yet

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