Brands are Beautiful

posted by / Blogs / November 22, 2011

Whine if you must about the “evil” corporations that have sullied surfing with their greed.

But be sure to thank them, too

Best of Three: Owen Claims New York

posted by / Lightbox / October 11, 2011

Owen Wright evens the scores and cashes in

Round 2: Kelly 1, Owen 1

Kanoa Igarashi // Australia // 3:06

posted by / Video / August 16, 2011

When @KellySlater tweeted this video, Igarashi went speechless. By saying he was speechless.

Now see what all the commotion was about

Andino, Coffin, Moniz and Webb Claim US Titles at Lowers

posted by / News / June 27, 2011

In flawless 4-6ft surf, Kolohe Andino steals the show and nails what Snips is calling the best wave ever ridden at Lowers. Ever.

Tyler Newton // HAW & AUS // 2:13

posted by / Video / April 8, 2011

A coupla pipes and a coupla punts

Team Quiksilver // Around The World // 23:53

posted by / Video / March 9, 2011

Moments — a free full-length surf film from Quik

Balaram Stack // New York // 2:26

posted by / Video / February 15, 2011

Snow on the beach, shacks in the water, and Balaram making it look easy. It is not easy

Kelly Slater Special Issue: Out This Week on Newsstands Only

posted by / News / January 11, 2011

SURFING’s unique look at the 10x world champ through Sherm’s lens hits the streets this week.

Quiksilver Welcomes Stephanie Gilmore

posted by / News / January 6, 2011

Four-Time ASP World Champion To Surf For Quiksilver

RIP: Jake Patterson’s Audi

posted by / Blogs / June 21, 2010

Snake returned from G-Land quite happy — until his car burned to the ground

Quiksilver ‘King of the Groms’ Crowns Regional East Coast Winner

posted by / Press / June 14, 2010

Pat Schmidt wins at Disney World’s Typhoon Lagoon

Quiksilver King of the Groms Typhoon Lagoon

posted by / Press / June 8, 2010

U.S. Tour kicks off on June 9

Quiksilver Young Guns Webisode #4

posted by / Video / May 27, 2010

In which Quik’s adolescent boys try to get Roxy’s adolescent girls to kiss each other

Quiksilver Young Guns Webisode #3

posted by / Video / May 25, 2010

Puerto + Marzo = Whamo

DC Welcomes Clay Marzo To Its Surf Team

posted by / Industry Spy, Press / April 13, 2010

DC is pleased to welcome pro surfer Clay Marzo to its Surf team. Look for Clay to kick off DC’s new surf campaign later this month.

Visit to RaimanaWorld

posted by / Blogs / April 13, 2010

The mayor of Tahiti lives large. Checking in after what Raimana van Bastolaer calls “the biggest wave ever at Teahupo’o.”

Clay Marzo’s “Breathe”

posted by / News / March 5, 2010

Clay Marzo – Breathe from Heavy Mayo.

Taj Will!

posted by / Heat, News, Video / March 4, 2010

Taj Burrow wins the 2010 Quiksilver Pro at Snapper Rocks

Waimea Warm-Up

posted by / News / December 11, 2009

The crowds, the drop, the attitude.  The lead-up to the Eddie. WAIMEA WARMUP from asurfersparadise on Vimeo.

The Hub | 12.09.2009

posted by / The Hub / December 9, 2009

THE HUB | December 9th, 2009 | Our Semi-Centennial “100-Year Hub” Edition: it only comes out every other year, every

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