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Reubyn Ash // Wavegarden // 2:38

posted by / Video / October 14, 2014

Technically speaking, it’s technologically surfing.

Reubyn Ash // United Emirates Wave Pool // 3:50

posted by / Video / September 11, 2012

Wadi makes waves again — this time for Mr. Ash

The closest thing to surfing in a studio

Innersection: Past, Present and Future

posted by / Blogs / November 9, 2011

Part 1 of a 3-part interview with Innersection’s Nathan Myers. “People are wondering if the project is losing momentum or heading in an unknown direction,” says Myers.

Well, is it?

Innersection: Winter Round Qualifiers

posted by / Video / May 23, 2011

Making the first cut:
Albee Layer
Richard Christie
Reubyn Ash
Nat Young
Jamie O’Brien

You Are Here: Reubyn Ash

posted by / Blogs, Editorial / April 25, 2011

UPDATE: Footage added of Reubyn’s secret trick. Thanks to our readers for the heads up. God, we love you all.

You Are Here, Nathan MyersHe’s the most famous freesurfer in all Europe, so why haven’t you ever heard of him?