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Adrien Toyon + Damien Chaudoy // Indonesia // 2:52

posted by / Video / December 20, 2012

Sweet dreams manifested from Reunion Island

Best mates do their best work

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Bending Colours

posted by / Blogs / November 9, 2012

Jordy’s new shred flick is exceptional

Slob airs so clean we’re calling them “Tidys”


En Garde: Jordy Smith & Julin Wilson

posted by / Magazine / September 19, 2012

Here’s a sneak peek of their duel

Judge for yourself who won in the November issue

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Julian Wilson + Jordy Smith // Reunion Island // 2:35

posted by / Video / August 31, 2012

They didn’t go to Reunion to surf St. Leu, but when the swell got too big, it was the only option

Jules and Jords trade off lefts. It’s a healthy rivalry, obviously

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Maxime Huscenot // Reunion Island + J Bay // 4:33

posted by / Video / August 30, 2012

Flawless Reunion island straight into pumping Jeffreys Bay

Jeremy Flores protege in training

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Julian Wilson // Reunion Island // 2:41

posted by / Video / August 29, 2012

The November issue will feature Julian Wilson and Jordy Smith facing off in puntable Reunion Island conditions

Aerial surfing of new magnitudes. Lets get technical


Reunion in Reunion: Part 5

posted by / News / July 6, 2009

SURFING speaks frankly with the magnificent Jordy Smith in Reunion Island Copyright ©2009 SOURCE INTERLINK MEDIA™. All rights reserved. SURFING: […]

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