Meet Your 2014 Fiji Pro Semifinalists

posted by / Photos, WSL / June 5, 2014

18 heats at Cloudbreak. 4 surfers left standing.

Opening Day At 2014 Fiji Pro

posted by / Photos, WSL / June 3, 2014

I see you, Cloudbreak.

Slater & Seabass // Heat Redux // 13:42

posted by / Video / December 3, 2013

A look back at Kelly’s perfect heat at the Volcom Fiji Pro.

The Significance of the 2013 Volcom Fiji Pro

posted by / News / June 12, 2013

You know what happened

But do you know what it means?

2013 Volcom Pro Fiji Highlights, Day 1 // 3:29

posted by / Video / June 4, 2013

Plenty of action in the water paired with eccentric commentary in the booth

Quick Stat: The top 5 have all been relegated to round 2

2012 Volcom Fiji Pro Flipbook: Blue Friday

posted by / Lightbox / July 2, 2012

The big-wave calvary marched into town [Cloubreak] wielding a gun of their choice

They made us cheer. That Friday took surfing to another level

Final Day Highlights // Volcom Fiji Pro 2012 // 3:13

posted by / Video / June 11, 2012

Kelly Slater dominates the field — nabbing two 10pt rides and five 18.00+ heat scores

Will the king ever peak?

Out of Office Reply: Make This Swell Code Green, Please

posted by / Blogs / June 8, 2012

Out of Office ReplyThe best surfers in the world should surf the best waves in the world…

…even if they’re tall

Taj, Jay, Chippa, & Kelly // Tavarua // 3:08

posted by / Video / November 3, 2011

Riley Blakeway and crew sail off into the sunset.

A life well lived!

Kelly Slater // Restaurants // 2:00

posted by / Video / August 13, 2011

Cheater-five tube stalls and all kinds of rad behavior from Ke11y at the peeling-est lefthander around

September 2011 Issue Wallpaper

posted by / Photos / July 25, 2011

It’s that time of the month again.

New wallpaper from SURFING’s finest. Yay!

Volcom Back to Fiji

posted by / Blogs, Editorial / July 25, 2011

See? See?

Brodie Carr is a benevolent dictator

Slow to wrath; easy to love

Out of Office Reply: That (Might Have) Just Happened

posted by / Blogs, Editorial / July 13, 2011

As the much-hyped “swell of the year” poured into Fiji yesterday, associate editor Taylor Paul predicted how it’d all go down

Atlas Shrugged

posted by / Blogs, Editorial / April 22, 2011

Ian Walsh takes the full weight of a Cloudbreak behemoth upon his shoulders

Tavarua Resort Doomed?

posted by / News / July 2, 2010

Fiji surf spot rights busting open, says government