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How To Film For A Mountain Dew Surf Commercial In Alaska

posted by / Blogs / June 16, 2015

Just in case you were wondering….

How Global Warming Could Make Surfing Better

posted by / Magazine / May 6, 2015

Licking the melting popsicle.

A Punxsutawney Crackup

posted by / Features, Lightbox, MEGAzine / December 19, 2012

Surfers don’t always read, but when they do, they read f–ked up books

Misplaced minds in Indonesia

Another 48 Hours: New York Surf Film Festival

posted by / Blogs / September 21, 2012

SURFING editors Taylor Paul and Chas Smith do a strike mission to NYC.

Breaking and entering, parties and even a surprise surf

Back to School: 2012 Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

posted by / Lightbox / March 22, 2012

School’s back in session and back-to-tour shopping is complete

It is our pleasure to present to you the class of 2013.

May Issue 2012 Surfing Magazine

posted by / Magazine / March 21, 2012

California Surf Towns

Sometimes postcards lie: La Jolla and Santa Cruz

April Issue 2012 Surfing Magazine

posted by / Magazine / February 20, 2012

This issue begins at Lei Lei’s with Chas Smith. Mai tais and Kona lagers. Poke, salmon and rib racks.

The Hawaiian way of life.

March Issue 2012 Surfing Magazine

posted by / Magazine / January 18, 2012

It’s not your travels that we love

It’s that you travel

Out of Office Reply: Swimsuit Issue 2012

posted by / Blogs, Swim / December 2, 2011

Out of Office ReplyBehind the scenes of our first swimsuit shoot of the year: Catalina, Michael Sterling Eaton…

…Amanda, Christy and Eloisa

Out of Office Reply: How to Lose Heats and Sell Boardshorts

posted by / Blogs / October 31, 2011

Out of Office ReplyA Sunday morning surf with Rip Curl Search wildcard Dillon Perillo.

We won’t bet on him, but we’ll root for him!

Out of Office Reply: White Guilt

posted by / Blogs / September 16, 2011

Out of Office ReplyWater, whiskey, and exploiting Africa’s natural resources in the land of blood diamonds

Rip Curl Search No Further

posted by / Blogs, Editorial / May 4, 2011

Out of Office ReplyThe World Tour is going to San Francisco, and you should too

Out of Office Reply: Judging the XXL

posted by / News / April 29, 2011

Out of Office Reply(Sort of) Honoring the code of silence after deciding the fate of a few good men who ride mountains.

If You Want Healey, This is What I’ll Give Ya

posted by / Blogs, Editorial / March 2, 2011

Out of Office ReplyUnderwater meditation, poking sharks, and going left at Maverick’s: Outtakes from the Mark Healey interview in SURFING’s Hawaii Issue

Out of Office Reply: Paddling Jaws

posted by / Blogs, Editorial / February 18, 2011

Out of Office ReplyThe real story — and real significance — of Peahi’s recent paddle sesh. Starring Danilo Couto

Out of Office Reply: Spare-Air Vests

posted by / Blogs, Editorial / February 3, 2011

Out of Office ReplyBig-wave technology advances once more. Will the masses follow?

Meet That Big-Wave Chick: Savannah Shaughnessy

posted by / Blogs, Editorial / January 18, 2011

Out of Office Reply21-year-old UCSC grad has degrees in biology and awesomeness

Gabon: Redemption

posted by / Blogs / December 28, 2010

Out of Office ReplyMatt Myers alone — with friends — in West Africa

Out of Office Reply: Hawaii Through Fresh Eyes

posted by / Blogs, Editorial / November 29, 2010

Because after 40 years of clichés…damn

Out of Office Reply: Kohl Christensen…Finally

posted by / News / November 16, 2010

The Big Wave World Tour scores again in Oregon. The champ speaks

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