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Today We Like Craig Anderson

posted by / Today We Like / January 8, 2010

And yesterday. And a month ago. And more than likely for a few decades to come. This lanky Aussie with

Today We Like The Clay Marzo Diet

posted by / Today We Like / October 1, 2009

The Clay Marzo Diet is sort of like the Michael Phelps Diet. Phelps has five-hour swim practices and the metabolism of

Today We Hate Robbing Hobbits

posted by / Today We Hate / September 22, 2009

By Stuart Cornuelle France in autumn is a place for tall mugs of steaming, muddy joe. Le girls are le

Today We Like 3 Slobs

posted by / Today We Like / September 22, 2009

Third slob Kyle Kennelly, making trouble in his neighborhood. The Wedge. By Stuart Cornuelle If SURFING were to adopt three

Today We Like Dumpster Diving

posted by / Today We Like / September 21, 2009

As a rule, we’ll have whatever Dane’s having. Boards, broads, beards, books, beers, bars – the man has a flair.