THE HUB | 10.05.2009


THE HUB | October 5th 2009 | Almost like we did something

Guinness Record: Most Drop-Ins EVER
“Sounds like a kiff day at Muizies.” (Whatever the hell that means.)

Dear ASP Judges, You Are A Bunch of KOOKS
Julian Wilson tries to explain modern surfing to antiquated authority figures

Phone Call From HELL — Martin Daly’s Padang Tour
“It’s not a total disaster, but it’s a disaster for those who were totaled.”

Slater on LIFE — his, not yours.–Content/1951/1/#pageTitle
I really do see what I’m doing now as my career and then after that I’ll just be traveling and catching good waves.”

Fast NAKED Dingo & SILLY White Lightning: Post Hosseggor Weirdness (watch Parko’s “Gift” vid)
“While Mick might have won the contest, he lost the one that really counts…the annual Hossegor Gift.”