The Pacific Ocean has been loud this year. Blame El Nino. Maverick’s had one of the best days in its history. Jaws has had a new swell nearly every week. Pipeline has had its fair share of moments, and everybody from Baja to British Columbia has been given more than enough opportunity to make their arms sore and their bosses angry. It’s been a winter to remember on the West Coast. But what about our friends back East? El Nino typically makes for a mild winter for those souls on the other side of the Mississippi. But typicality and reality don’t always align. While most of the surf world was fixated on the swell that almost made Eddie go, the entire Atlantic came alive. Miami, Maine, Puerto Rico and all places in between were intoxicated with swell. Our inboxes flooded with images. Most of them came with a subject line of “Pe’ahi” or “Central California” but a few of them broke that mold. Here they are, and here is our ode to the silent coast.