If you surf in the American Northeast, you’ve certainly heard whispers of untouched waves in not so far away places.

However, it’s rare for someone to actually invest the time and energy to turn those whispers into firsthand accounts. When a swell does come, the last thing you want to do is to drive around all day with your head up your ass. Instead, we stick to what we know. The beach down the street has been fun? Surf there! If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.

But recently, Clay Pollioni and Zack Humphreys felt an itch that needed to be scratched. The odd couple had grown tired of New Jersey’s barreling beachies, and took an alternate route during a recent string of Atlantic swells. This particular route involved 14 hours of white-knuckle blizzard driving, tow-truck assistance, empty lineups, and hand warmers. Don’t forget the hand warmers.

With a car full of boards and a treasure map in hand, Clay and Zack trekked their way up the Eastern Seaboard in an attempt to locate isolated surf. Photographer Ryan Mack had heard about their proposed voyage and climbed aboard, so that he too could witness the mythical northern seascapes.

After ample searching and continuous 2-wheel drive complications, the gentlemen found what they were looking for. Untainted A-frames unloaded across vast stretches of beach. Clay and Zack’s booties pierced the virgin sand, but an increasing swell washed away the proof. Once in the water, they attacked the waves with hooks, jabs, ducks and covers. They split peaks and high-twoed (high-five while wearing wetsuit mittens) after each successful ride. Much to their liking, no one was there to see it. Besides Ryan Mack.

The young photographer worked endlessly to capture the essence of this barren paradise. Luckily for us, Ryan decided to share some of his favorite photos from this trip, as seen here.

All Photos by Ryan Mack

Zack Humphreys
Zack Humphreys
Clay Pollioni