Today We Hate Robbing Hobbits

posted by / Today We Hate / September 22, 2009


By Stuart Cornuelle

France in autumn is a place for tall mugs of steaming, muddy joe. Le girls are le cheeky. Le sandbars are le hollow. Le Quiksilver Pro is starting le tomorrow. But the contest has gone from European Vacation to Hostel overnight for CJ Hobgood, whose entire quiver was silently carried away in the wee hours from his rented flat in Siegnosse. STAB has the scoop, and we feel a civic duty to help raise the alarm. Get the facts HERE, and if you’re in France and see the thieves, harm them physically. If not, just remember that karma is real.

1,500 euro REWARD for the Recovery of CJ’s Quiver:

4 x yellow rail CGD 5’10” pin 5’10″pin 5’11″squash 6’1″ pin
1 x yellow rail Tokoro 5’10” swallow
1 x yellow rail Merrick 5’9″ swallow
1 x clear TL2 Timmy Reyes Model 5’10” pin
1 x blue rail CGD 6’0″ squash
1 x clear Merrick 5’7″ wing swallow twin fin

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  • terry crovo

    CJ….I’m feelin ya buddy when I went to Europe finally made to Mundaka and got in some sessions gettin it wired went back next day was checkin the surf went back to car boards all gone !!! Why do some people feel the need to steal???Hope you get some replacements your kickin on tour bad timing Euro Leg GOD BLESS…….BIG-T