Today We Like Craig Anderson

posted by / Today We Like / January 8, 2010


And yesterday. And a month ago. And more than likely for a few decades to come. This lanky Aussie with a fashion sense has a knack for stomping the most technical of grabs in a style so nonchalant he makes the Drifter look stressed. He’s a representation of the modern shift in freesurfer. Classic style to accompany his ability to soar. This week he signed with Electric and will no doubt be one of the surfers who make this decade that much better than that last attempt at a decade. If his cameo in Modern Collective wasn’t enough, try this:

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  • yoyo

    not jimmicane he called bullshit on him for all the double grabs. he still works there right

  • yomama

    There is guys better then this at Sebastien Inlet.

    Not saying that hes not a good surfer, but this footage is definently mediocre at best.

  • real

    So then why don’t one of your trendy ass editors go and use your travel budget and fly to australia to suck his dick? I mean come on.. All you guys do is try to act as cool as possible and suck up to 18 year olds. Its pathetic. Leave that job to transworldsurf.. Fucking get real and run good photos write good articles and leave the dick sucking and ass munching to actual homo sexuals.


    Any one who reads your magazine..

    Oh and its also nice to see other people run in your magazine beside the fucking cast of modern collective..

  • Uncle Braddah

    Brah – at least tirty keiki at my home break surf bettah dan dis buggah. Dey no weah tight pants and eye liner eiddah. You try bring dat stuff to ma side uh da island and you git dirty lickens fas.

  • yeah-now

    What is this , STAB ?

  • Sid&Nancy

    Craig is sick! Sky is blue, grass is green, haters hate. Whatever

  • FIggy

    Anyone know the name of this song??

  • harmony

    craig anderson is amazinnngggg

  • Jemma

    If your gonna post a vid, make it right. None of this mediocre shit. throw something up there that worth looking at. I know you’ve got better stuff c’mon brudda…

  • ray

    Looks like a mix of Keith Malloy (style) and Tim Curran (performance). The guy rips.

  • Will

    Craig is a king, sickest style getting filmed right noe