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The Clay Marzo Diet is sort of like the Michael Phelps Diet. Phelps has five-hour swim practices and the metabolism of a village. Clay has five-hour surf sessions and Asperger’s Syndrome. Phelps has to eat 8,000+ calories every day. Clay has to eat the same meals over and over in a strict, compulsive routine. His eating is as impressive as his surfing. He only stops eating to sleep and to surf. We like that.

Adam Klevin, Westside Pride Media (Clay’s filmer)

There was one day in France where Clay woke up, had an orange, an apple, cereal, and a ham and cheese sandwich. Then after his first session we went to Starbucks and he got a cheese and egg sandwich, then another one. Then he went over to McDonalds and had an Egg McMuffin, a Bagel, Egg & Cheese sandwich with ham, two hashbrowns, a McFlurry and an Apple Pie. Twenty minutes later he wanted a pizza. Then we went back to the hotel and he had a giant 15″ baguette with ham and cheese and mayo. Mayonnaise is his favorite, he puts it on everything…his nickname was going to be “Heavy Mayo.” He’s all about the cream, anything creamy. He’ll have 7-10 servings of sour cream with his quesadillas, he puts ranch dressing on his pizza.

He hates to fly, he doesn’t want to be coherent when he’s flying, so he has to eat enormous amounts of food beforehand to make himself tired. I’ve seen him eat two Double Quarterpounders with cheese, a McChicken sandwich, plus a shake and ice cream and fries – just a hideous amount of food – and then he’s ready to sleep.

No training whatsoever. He’ll play tennis, maybe go hike once in a while, maybe bodysurf. But he definitely doesn’t do any yoga or pushups or anything like that.

Jill Marzo, Clay’s mom

With Clay it’s probably: surfing, food, girlfriend. Probably in that order.

I remember during the Olympics, seeing about Michael Phelps that he would go into this one restaurant and order the same thing over and over, and I remember thinking, “Gosh, that’s Clay. He’s exactly like that.” He’ll go to the same two or three places and order precisely the same food every time. And it’s a lot of food, we’re talking four plate lunches. He once ate a whole box of twelve Krispy Kremes. Twelve.

When he goes to Lana’i, he goes to a place there called Canoes, and at Canoes they have the shrimp burger and another called the Hasegawa Burger – which has meatloaf and a fried egg on it with cheese. Clay once went in there and ran up a bill of $111.00. Now, you can’t spend $10 there if you try. And I’m not kidding.

He always leaves about two bites of everything – eats all the rest, but always leaves behind just a little bit of his meal. He’ll never finish a whole bottle of water either. I don’t know why, it’s just part of the ritual.

At the dinner table, he doesn’t like to talk, he doesn’t like to eat with people, he doesn’t like to look you in the eye. He puts his leg up on a chair and twirls his hair usually, and when the food is there and it’s like, “Leave me alone.” He just gets into his zone, his space. It’s barbaric almost, it’s a frenzy. He has a love affair with food.

He does like to watch other people eat. If there’s something that he likes, and he wants to share it with you, then he loves to watch you eat it. He gets very excited, watching you enjoy and experience what he enjoys. It’s more exciting for him than winning a surf contest.

Sometimes he eats so much he gets sick. That’s kind of a common occurrence.

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  • willy wonky

    sounds like he has some indonesian and greek in him.
    indonesians like to eat alone.. embarassed to “feed the beast” within. and the ancient greeks would eat and drink so much they needed to visit the “vomitorium”, and then return to eat more.
    he’s gonna be one fat fuckah when he retires.

  • Mik

    Clay: you can eat like that at age 16—24, but not beyond. See a fitness trainer, then take those recommendations and have them reviewed and adjusted by an Ayurveda Expert, and get a diet that works in your favor as an athlete with special needs… Otherwise, you are on the full body-gut / cardiac arrest program brah.

  • Justin

    Hey, let the man enjoy his food. He’s still a kid with an obviously fast metabolism. Not to mention that he’s probably burning thousands of additional calories per day from surfing multiple four-hour sessions.

  • Tynan

    Sounds alot like my diet. Im 5’9 155lbs. But its not body fat its jus thick, everything. Oh… and i love to surf before and after one fatty meal. Then mabey a fat snack inbetween it all. Then to top off my day a fatty shit to clear my mind and body.

  • TWON

    michael phelps and marzo are both really hungry and have
    fast metabolisms because they surf (or swim in phelps case) for 4
    hours+ at a time and, ON TOP OF THE FACT, that they both smoke mad
    herb! is this not obvious to everyone!?

  • Mik

    Clay’s surfing is utter genius, but if I were his friends or family, I’d be worried. He is headed for serious trouble if he keeps the food binging up. There are no fat professional surfers. Neither on tour, or free surfers. Pot bellies and thick necks do not sell clothing or wetsuits… So he may binge himself out of the best career on earth. He would be wise to find a fitness trainer, with knowledge of Yoga, and Ayurveda diet. He has a Pitta Kapha imbalance. What he is doing is cute when your 15 years old, but not in your 20’s. He’s headed for trouble. There’s no reason he can’t get into fitness and a good diet and enjoy that as much as pigging out. He just needs t switch focus. Surfing is a good habit. So is fitness. So is Yoga. He can master all of these areas of his life, and he can do it in his own way.

  • alex ridzi

    Mad Herb pre session+sick barrels airs and turns + more post session mad herb+age of twenties+a little more mad herb=enourmous appetitte, future fat good surf with both knees destroyed, if not stop to gain wieght.Mad herb is good…..

  • michele stolz

    I think he’s totally tubular.. radical.. a cowabunga dude.. bodatious.. awesome.. hot to trot.. would love to hang out with him and let him teach me how to surf and then some.. hint hint.. wink 😀