Friendship is a beautiful thing. And as of late, SURFING staff photographer Corey Wilson has found himself in the midst of a blossoming one with three time world champ Mick Fanning. In the time leading up to the Quik Pro, Corey has been been spending some time with Mick at his home on the Gold Coast and absolutely scoring – but don't take our word for it. Here's Corey's firsthand account of his experience on a recent strike the gang went on down to Sydney:

"I've been staying at Mick's house for a few days now and the waves have been incredible. He's been surfing Snapper pretty much everyday and getting some of the longest, dreamiest barrels I've ever seen. After the waves slowed down and swell dropped Joel rang up Mick and asked if we wanted to get on a flight and head down the coast to surf some slabs. We were pretty exhausted and sun burnt from the days prior, but the swell and wind looked great so we booked a flight that night.

The next morning we got on a boat and drove into the middle of the ocean and scored some pretty fucked up waves. For some reason, the water smelt so good out there — it was almost like peppermint. After our first session we were more than ready to get on a flight back home, but as we were driving to the airport Paul fisher hit us up and said there was a wave on the way home that was going off. Mick and Joel got really excited so we went to check it out.

We pulled up and it was 10 foot and looked like the most shark infested waters I've seen. We saw a couple bombs come through and the next thing I know we were out there, taking photos and joking around about how they could be the last pictures we'lll ever take. Thankfully everyone made it out alive in the end with smiles on their face. We celebrated with some beers and then hopped on a flight home – best 24 hours ever."-Corey Wilson

All photos by Corey Wilson