2013 NSSA National Championships: Day 1 + 2 Highlights // 2:44

posted by / NSSA Blog, Video / July 2, 2013

Huntington Beach Pier delivers 2-3ft peaks

The nation’s best groms eat it up

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  • Daryl G

    The Nations best groms? The nation you are talking about is the USA correct? So why is there a Japanese surfer on the title page? Come on NSSA!

  • vaun mc

    hay Daryl.. Maybe a picture of Kanoa Igarashi- A japanese kid BORN in the USA, on the Pacsun USA Team representng America. A rad surfer..www(dot)surfingamerica(dot)org/team. Hawaiian surfers can also look Japanese (read up your history).

  • Daryl G

    Hey Vaun MC. sure using Kanoa or any other US citizen would be great. This is not a question of ethnicity. Its a matter of nationality. The picture being used is Hiroto Ohara. He is an amazing surfer. He is a super rad kid too. He competed in only three open mens comps all year. I just feel for USA nationals, using a pic of a US citizen who competed all year in the NSSA would be better.

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