2013 Pipe Masters: Top 10 Waves

posted by / Video / December 17, 2013

Here’s a treat. We took a good, hard look back at the top scores from the 2013 Billabong Pipeline Masters and compiled the clips into one delicious chunk of media. Six out of the ten waves waves come from Yadin Nicol, Sebastian Zeitz, Miguel Pupo, Mick Fanning, John John Florence and Gabriel Medina. The other four come from one man: Mr. Robert Kelly Slater. How do you like that for dominance?

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  • aphhh

    Not all of those should have been included…

  • vince

    that was sick. you guys should do this for every ct event.

  • The Larsgeb

    Sick sick sick

  • larry

    top 7 Claims more like

  • Jake

    Mick’s 9.7 was for sure better than that next wave from Kelly that was scored higher.

  • Ben

    Mick shouldn’t even be on that list

  • Ben

    Every one of Slater’s waves would have been unmakeable to every other surfer in the comp save John John.

  • Trevor

    The spit on Slaters #4 wave is incredible!

  • james

    tiger v.s. bear tigers wave was more critical the spit blew first . during the whole contest the contest speaker,s were saying how the judges love that ! and the public,s vote claims the tiger won and now what the asp should get fined for making a serious mistake it probably won’t happen again

  • dgcova

    the miggy’s wave was one of the best….. top 3.. pure stylish!!!!
    about JJ’s and KELLY’S WAVES IM SPEECHLESS…..those 2 guys arent from the same world as us…..

  • john

    it is so funny how everyone says mick didnt get the score his wave was fucking sick everyone is just hating cause they are all kelly fanboys that dont know shit about surfing

  • MFX3

    your right john. mick wave was so sick and just the way he set up the wave was sick he was in the barrel longer than yadin so they can all eat a di*k

  • Mik

    Alert: New ASP / WCT scoring rule for 2014:

    Adjusting any part of your jersey, or wiping your nose, after a 9 point (or more) wave will result in an automatic 1 pt. deduction from your score. An additional point will be removed if the judges determine that your contest jersey was fine as it was, anyway.

    (This ruling does not apply to pulling your trunk leg down in order to hide your creepy white thighs, above your trunk tan line, which in any case should be 20″ or more at the shortest point)

  • Matt S.

    That really was cool. I’m with vince and dgcova. Mik wins for best comment thus far on the whole ASP scoring scandal. I’ve read them all, sadly.