Video: 2014 Swimsuit Issue

posted by / Swim, Video / March 28, 2014

SURFING Magazine’s 2014 Swimsuit Issue is here. Here, as in, on newsstands both physical and otherwise. Photographed by Jason Lee Parry, the issue features models Britt Maren, Sheila Marquez, Rachel Thomas and Megan Irminger. It was shot in Aruba, and it was shot with love. If you’re a girl, the issue will give you a sneak peek at 2014’s sexiest beach trends and beauty tips from the pros. If you’re a guy, the issue will give you a sneak peek at 2014’s sexiest beach trends and a light, primal sweat. So get a copy! As if you needed your arm twisted any further, here’s the Swimsuit Issue’s teaser. At 1:45, the girls make even the most graceful dolphin look like an inebriated manatee.

Big thanks to our friends at for helping this Swimsuit Issue come to life.

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  • Earl Y Stokes

    I know that food is expensive in Aruba, but you could have a least feed them some yucca or plantains or fish tacos…something?

  • md

    what´s the soundrack?


  • Lara Blomfield


    Great imagery in clip.. We would love to feature n advertise in your swimsuit issue ! 😉 please can you direct me to the right avenues for this? Our new New Zealand brand swimwear is cut for excellence and fun and we hope you like it!! 😉 Lara

  • TZ

    I’m just really happy ARUBA is in the spotlight.. Next time, maybe you can catch a bit of surf..? :) Pretty cool actually, cause when I think back.. I think I saw you guys shooting at a local surf spot (wariruri)


  • Laura

    Couldn’t really concentrate on the swimwear as was too busy marvelling at how skeletal these girls looked in many shots. Spines, ribs – Is this really what is considered sexy now? If girls will be girls, please let them at least look female and curvy and not under-nourished!

  • dan

    feed your models. too skinny to be sexy. and not cool.

  • cocomoore

    The swimwear doesn’t look as nice as those I find on nextshe-swimwear
    .And by the way , I don’t think too slim is beneficial to our fashion
    ,it’s just unhealthy.

  • Sarah

    My oh my do I spy some boney butts!