21Days // Ace Buchan & Matt Wilkinson // 16:00

posted by / Video / February 18, 2014

Adrian Buchan and Matt Wilkinson might just be polar opposites. Sure, they’re both goofyfooted, but the list of things they have in common beyond that is about as barren as Jake Paterson’s scalp. Ace seems like the sweetest little boy. That collared shirt, the combover — someone throw a Jansport on the guy and it’s pretty much his first day of school. Meanwhile, Wilko’s coach Andy King explains how beneficial it would be to party only once — instead of thrice — during a contest. Yeah, we could see how that’d help. 21Days shows how the two vastly different men prepare for the upcoming Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast, which brings us back to that one similarity — they’re both insane on the backhand. And that’s the only thing that matters.

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  • timmy tom carsons (molukai)

    bunch of carp if you ask me. rebull sold out big time here. why dont you guys film a real surfers next time? dj hobgood vs martin potter should work. peace.

  • Collin

    It’s good to see the newest 21Days. I always love being able to see the surfers behind the scenes and the different approaches. This one is definitely interesting because both Ace and Wilko are on the bubble for completely different reasons. It’d be nice to see Wilko really focus this year and get into the top 10. I think he has the talent for it, just needs the focus.

  • bufu

    They already did one on CJ. As for Ace being on the bubble, he won at one of the toughest waves. Guy’s gonna be on the tour for some years to come. As for Wilko different story. Another great surfer but not top 10 talent. I see him as a bubble surfer. Anyway good series of videos this 21Days stuff.