21Days // Ace & Wilko Ep. 2 // 14:58

posted by / Video / February 26, 2014

We’re getting closer. The 2014 Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast starts on Saturday (Friday afternoon for folks in America). If you weren’t yet excited, here’s another nugget of lead-up coverage from Red Bull. Episode 2 of 21Days featuring Adrian Buchan and Matt Wilkinson is great. We learn things about both Ace and Wilko. Did you know that Ace’s smile could melt a woman? Or that Wilko was borderline homeless? We also learn that under no circumstances should you hire Matthew as a mover — unless you want to move up the WCT rankings! Boom… that was so not a zinger.

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  • burnt animal

    way to make surfing boring and jocky .. skip this crap if you didn’t watch it yet

  • burnt animal

    this video is stupid..

  • Bretto

    Dude, stop projecting your narrow-minded vitriol. The point of the series is to show behind the scenes of the ASP elite. If you were expecting a camera crew to follow Ford Archbold trying to surf off a hangover, that’s your problem.