Aaron Cormican // Puerto Rico // 4:06

posted by / Video / March 20, 2011

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  • soooo


  • just another message board troll

    gross. was probably better in Smyrna

  • twists

    so gorkin made the trip to pr and hit all the smallest spots? La concha really? Should of went northwest, broheim.

  • Whaa

    the biggest wave in that video was chest high. grovelfest. boring.as.fck.

  • Shut the Fup

    HE IS TRAINING FOR THE EAST COAST CONTEST CIRCUIT!!!!!!!! Does anyone else put the time in on 2 foot waves like GORK ?? NO so I see another ESC CHamipionship for the GUY.

    @Whaa!!!!…. if its chest high on GORK its knee high on a grown man

  • Tuskagee

    More interesting than watching t-bagging Knox try to do roundhouses in heats.

    Its sad that someone like J-Flo and T Knox get a seat on the world tour and can only perform kick-out airs.

    Guys like this are twice as versatile.