Adam Bennetts Loves Bali

It’s hard not to love Bali. There are the waves, there are the people, and there are the sweet little scooter-mobiles. Pretty much checks off every box.

Still, it’s not everyday that you see a Westerner make a full-blown migration to this tropical locale. While Indonesia represents many of our ideas of perfection, that doesn’t mean we’d actually want to live there. Just goes to show that we put a lot more emphasis on our friends, family, and Western conveniences than we do on stellar waves and enticing incense.

Adam Bennetts, however, has found the best of both worlds. Spending his summers on Australia’s Gold Coast (conveniently during their prime cyclone season) and his winters in Bali (hello, perfect waves every day), Bennetts has found a way to win on both ends of the spectrum. Let’s just say being a professional surfer/DJ has its perks. Like, ya know, the first wave in this clip.


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