Adriano De Souza & Nat Young // 21 Days: Episode 1 // 16:38

posted by / Video / April 24, 2013

Nat is making his case for Rookie of the Year and De Souza is really just a family man

Red Bull Media follows along as they prepare for the Billabong Pro Rio

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  • Chongo

    Really enjoy these productions. How about that last turn from Nat at the end?!?!

  • Adam

    I know he claims a lot and I know his style definitely not the best, but man how can you not respect Adriano after watching this. Dude came from nothing! I could not believe how ghetto it is where he grew up. New found respect for that guy for sure.

  • bruno

    This goes out to all the assholes who like to bash Adriano unreasonably, see why he claims? wouldn´t you do the same? he´s very aware of where he´s from and that kind of thing and won´t go away so easily, much respect the guy is a legend!

  • masniffur

    bet your Nats sponsors love it when he plays Basketball

  • Igor

    The narration is fucking ridiculous.