Adriano de Souza & Gabriel Medina // Heat Redux // 10:34

posted by / Video / October 8, 2013

Red Bull, bless their feverish hearts, has once again made surfing look like a real sport. This time it comes in the form of an analysis-based Heat Redux. In the pilot episode, they tell the story of the semifinal heat between Adriano de Souza and Gabriel Medina at the 2013 Billabong Rio Pro. You know exactly how it’s all going to unfold, yet it still sucks you in and won’t let you out. Check out the hat Gabriel wears during his interview. “It’s on when it’s on.” Classic Gabe! Also don’t miss the 9:27 mark. His face looks like he just lost his virginity and who knew big G was best friends with Kanye West?

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  • sonny p

    really well done. these redbull produced pieces are the best things going.

  • Mack Daddy

    God Gawd, they both have such hideous styles. Butt out, stink bug. They look like they’re riding horses when the pump down the line. Oh, & top that off with retarded claims. Is this what “modern” surfing has become. Surf jocks with horrid style?

  • Fred

    @Mack Daddy, I bet you surf better then them right? You know because you are on the WCT. Oh, and “modern” surfing has become far worse then surf jocks. Its skinny blonde hipsters like Thom Pringle, and Beau Foster who can only do flicky airs in under head high onshore waves. I do agree that the claims are indeed retarded.

  • Bretto

    This is what competition and marketing have come to in such a subjective, image-driven ‘sport’. Within the surf industry, everyone has totally drank the Kool Aide and thinks the whole surf image is so cool, but so many surfer obersvers call hoax on it. Once you leave the beach, it looses its appeal, like Molly the morning after a rave. By the way, Mack Daddy the preferred industry euphemism for spastic claimers with horrid styles is “passionate”. Red Bull’s vignettes are the ‘best things going’, maybe the only one trying.

  • André Fraga

    Mack Daddy, Your mom has great style :)

  • André Fraga

    Thom Pringle and Beau Foster are two men or two women? Blondes and lean, hahaha
    And if they are not on the WCT, it is because they can not, not because they not want! #BrazilianStorm 😉