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posted by / Video / November 2, 2011


A year after Andy Irons’ passing, we remember our hero.

We celebrate his life.

On this first anniversary (November 2nd) of the untimely passing of the beloved Andy Irons, the entire Billabong family wishes to take a moment to join the surfing world in remembering one of the greatest surfers and personalities our sport has ever known. To mark this occasion, Billabong has created a new video tribute which includes a frank, compelling and in-depth interview with Andy.

Over the course of the lengthy relationship between Billabong and Andy Irons, the two entities became synonymous with one another, with too many collaborations to count. The partnership produced a number of iconic creations ranging from films to apparel, each based on Andy’s style and ideas. These reminders of Andy’s greatness still surround us today.

Out of respect and acknowledgement of Andy’s legacy we will continue to dedicate the Billabong Pipe Masters in his memory. As part of this year’s clothing collection for the 2011 Pipe Masters event, Billabong will be re-releasing the hugely popular Andy Irons model Rising Sun board short.

Proceeds from these and other Andy Irons products will help ensure the future well being of his wife Lyndie and young child Axel. Effective July 1st, 2011 Billabong entered into a long-term agreement guaranteeing a monthly royalty to his family to ensure their ongoing financial security.

Andy Irons touched so many lives during his brief time on earth. Billabong, along with millions of surfers and surfing fans worldwide, will never forget the great champion from Kauai. Aloha, Andy. You are forever in our hearts.

— The Billabong International Family


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  • Skip the Chip

    Nicely done.

  • Mik

    Wow. Thank you for putting this together.

  • Blizz

    I almost forgot just how sick AI was

  • Jeff

    Crazy to see how Andy’s passion for surfing matured throughout the years. Guy is such a legend… Miss Ya Buddy.

  • sam

    Our hero? Not mine. Great surfer, but a guy who dies alone in a hotel room and leaves behind an unborn child shouldn’t be anyone’s hero.

  • NC teach

    Just got done watching this video. Thank you for putting this together. I had the perspective of not “being a fan” at first, but did cheer him on in the last few years of his life. I like the strength in his point of view in seeing his life as not just career, but more than surfing. To the person that posted at 10:35am, you have opportunity in life to do things more than making negative comments. Different people appreciate different people, this is all; don’t worry about what others might have thought. The litany of the realist; I suppose.
    For me personally, the video struck a chord. I recently had a meltdown at work in which I realized that I had isolate myself from others due to my overly-competitive nature. Thank you for putting this out there. I am not worrying about how he passed, but simply appreciating his perspective in the clip. All of us are human, none of us are perfect; let’s live.

  • Mark

    Hey Sam,

    GO FUK YOURSELF ! DO you really think Andy planned to die in a hotel room.

  • rich

    Sam that is an absurd statement. None of us have any idea the time & place of our demise. What is a hero to some may not be others. We’re all at different spots in our own lives & personal development. To write off someone because of timing & location of their death is pretty ridiculous.

  • Mic

    Hey San next time u paddle out in Hawaii Indo CA Mex Fiji Thaiti Reunion Africa WA South Auz Gold coast Sun Shine Coast east Coast France Ireland Spain Portugal well fuc it, Sam next time you paddle out why dont you just scream F A.I. Then you won’t have to worry about where you die, you can just DIE! Idiot!

  • scotty

    what a shame. makes me sad to watch this, i’ve looked up to the irons bro’s since i started surfing in ’94, these two kid’s similar to my age who blew my mind over and over. i’ve always been stoked for andy, even when he was cocky and talkin trash, because he could always back it, straight up!. To me, you were the everyman, the people’s champ. i can relate to your humble beginnings, to how hard you worked in life. kelly’s an idol, and will always be an inspiration, but he isnt as accessible as andy. his achievement’s are too great, and he never really show’s his vulnerability, his humanity. with andy, it came with the package. i loved him all the more for it. i never met him, but his death is painful for me because i will never be able to watch him surf again. never see him achieve any more than he already has. i went to the billabong website and his name isnt even on the team roster, or anyone else’s that he rode for. why? what he’s done alone for those companies, for the surfing world, he should be a lifer on those rosters. even in 50 years from now, his name should still be there. it makes me worried that billabong’s motive’s using his name posthumously with their gear is just a marketing ploy to squeeze more money from his name, and more importantly, his legacy. maybe im outta line for calling billabong into question, i hope im wrong. in a perfect world, andy’s wife and child would never go without, but then again, in a perfect world, andy would still be alive. rest in peace andy, and thank you for everything you’ve shared.

  • rob hunt

    the profound affect surfing has had on andy,as well as kelly, is astounding. iv never heard any other athelete talk about there lifes path and how it ebbs and flows with such humility and grace. that they have the opportunity,and take that opportunity to share with us the way they have developed as humans,not just competitive ahteletes or even surfers is a blessing for anyone who chooses to listen. once again im humbled by surfing and the amazing people who choose to devote there lives to it and all of its lessons. peace a.i. love and joy to your family. heart felt regards. robear :)

  • manrique

    hey sam your mother is with me in bed and she said to shit up!
    A.I rip

  • boulanger

    a friend recommend this to me, glad he did