Alana Blanchard // Sandy Shoreline // 0:30

posted by / Video / March 15, 2011

Sexy swimwear from Alana’s signature swimwear collection, Alana’s Closet.

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  • btcode

    Man I’ll tellya that dude A.C. sure can rip those little waves .It’s been a long time since I’d seen someone rip small stuff like that !! I know exactly where he was surfing since I live acouple of blocks away and to be honest it’s one of the s…iest spots around. I was really impressed how he shredded that crap !! Kinda reminded me of Rabbit when he was here back in the70’s .Honestly ,for someone whose 26 you really do great !!I’ve never been able to get so much out of such crummy surf ,but I have got to admit it’s pretty cool . But then again how’s the BIG surf treat Ya??? BTC CONDADO S.J. P.R. see ya bra !!!!!