Albee Layer // Youthful Movement // 3:49

posted by / Video / December 2, 2013

You couldn’t ask for a surfer more well-rounded than Maui’s Albee Layer. The 22-year-old rides the barrel at Jaws with the nonchalance of a retiree on a Sunday saunter. And then he spins airs with the velocity of the world’s fastest dreidel. His middle name is Louis, but it may as well be versatility. Relive his double alley-oop at 3:12 and watch for the Peahi caverns throughout.

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2 Responses to “Albee Layer // Youthful Movement // 3:49”

  1. alltruth says:

    Huge backside rotaters that only John can match. Style for miles in the barrels. Thanks Da Kine!

  2. Kenny says:

    Great clips, soundtrack broke my eardrum though.

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