Alex Chacon // Innersection // 3:15

posted by / Video / October 12, 2012

Directed by Jay Button

As a finalized Innersection submission, this post could probably use a minor bit of re-edit. But from a surfing point of view, Alex Chacon makes an impressive first showing of this section.

Alex Chacon

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  • Leo


  • dana quinn

    hey alex did you have fun in indonesia?

  • oliver Kurtz

    that just blew my mind

  • Jake


  • Bro

    that was perfect

  • Bro

    my new favorite surfer, sorry dane

  • greg greg fulerton

    kid is pretty good… give him 4-5 years to get a handle on it.

  • Brett barley

    What the…..? Dang

  • single fin

    holy smokes

  • Ben

    Impressive. I agree, one or two more years and I bet the airs get even better from this guy.

  • albee

    that was fucken sick

  • Pedro Vidigal

    Extraordinary talent. No main sponsorship? Are you kidding me?