Alex Knost // Lower Trestles // 1:30

posted by / Video / August 8, 2012

Gage describes his Lowers session with Alex:

Was up at Lowers and happen to see Alex surfing and I figured I would shoot a few clips of him surfing. I ended up making an edit out of it and hear it is. I wanted to do something really weird so I added some 16mm painted film effect to the whole thing. Some will like it but some will not like it at all. I hope you are the one who will enjoy it!

Alex Knost

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20 Responses to “Alex Knost // Lower Trestles // 1:30”

  1. stab says:

    Jeez talk about an over-edit. Unwatchable. Too bad cause the surfing looked somewhat interesting

  2. matt says:

    How is this guy a professional surfer? it’s like he has an intended style in mind, but he’s just not doing it! This guy is a lowlife druggy. Not a professional athlete. This edit makes it unwatchable and something completely different! Leave Alex Knost out of the headlines. He’s insignificant and weak on a surfboard. The homeless look only works for Dane Reynolds. Who rips. Ever hear of him?

  3. zach says:

    this is awesome you never see this at lowers refreshing

  4. Cavey says:

    I am sick of these BS low fi edits. If the surfing doesn’t capture your attention without some lame filter over it, its not worth editing at all. As far as Al’s surfing goes, he sells t-shirts and an image well, his surfing ability not so well.

  5. yep says:

    A lowlife druggy ? Do hallucinogens count ?

  6. Beard says:

    I am the one who enjoyed it. Nice work Gage. Positive/Negative feedback is irrelevant. Enjoy it all with a grain of salt. Laugh at hate, but don’t trust praise, just create what you have in mind and move on.

  7. aaron says:

    you guys are fags haha

  8. Mike Anderson says:

    Glad it was short and even more glad I don’t have to surf in shit like that or on shit like that…

  9. Kingsley says:

    Art is risk…

  10. David says:

    Waiste of waves and your time editing it and my time watching it and my time typing this – wait…why am I typing this???

  11. Kaipo Gomes says:

    Wow if that wasn’t lowering the bar then what is? Thought he was waaaaaaay better than that video proved. He is a hood ornament poseur of the highest order. He is sponsored and Hank Gaskell is not?! He never really did a “real” turn in that video. Keep in mind comments editor, Jason, this should be an open dialogue. Knost blows and that video proved it.

  12. Marchus says:

    @kingsley you are even lamer than this video…

    My name is alex knost and i run ppl over at lowers doing butt squats and wiggles. I am super H!

    who the hell rides a keel at lowers anyway, they are for going straight really fast the last time i checked

  13. Kareemabduljabbar says:

    Al surfs for fun and it shows. Cool edit. Thanks. Donkeys that hate are just that.

  14. Scumbag steve says:

    Seen this dude do airs, reverses, fin throws etc on normal thrusters years ago… I’m certain not one of you could surf your thrusters as well as he could.

    That said, maybe it’s a bummer to feel like you can’t even go surf for fun without somebody on the beach filming a few of your waves then trying to throw together some edit and post it on the net for people like you dweebs to arm chair quarterback.

    You haters are sad sacks…

  15. Adam says:

    Scumbag: I’ve hear those same stories, but never seen it. If he can really do that stuff he should put together a short vid just to shut everyone up once and for all. Until then, people are gonna continue commenting about him like they did above.

  16. Kevin says:

    Horrible Surfing. Horrible Vid. Why was this even on this site?
    Can we just have someone upload these types of disasters to to post this kind of junk.

  17. Trevor says:

    The background edit actually made me nauseated. Like a car sick feeling

  18. joe says:

    video was awful. surfing was awful.

  19. rogermeras says:

    we get it, he rides crap boards that are hard to surf

  20. Matt says:

    Knost has talent but this vid does not exemplify it.

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