Alex & Koa Smith // Inside Out // 3:38

posted by / Video / April 20, 2014

This one’s for the dreamers. Brothers Alex and Koa Smith in massive, perfect Micronesia — the finest fuel for imagination. Just press play and pretend you’re that good of a barrel-rider and have the grapes to stroke into that heavy of waves. Cameo by Sammy Martin…we’re thinking we should remember that name.

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  • welfare checks

    WHere do these guys get the money from to travel to all these exotic locations and surf. They arent any better than any other guys on the QS and they portray temselves like a couple of football jocks.

  • Big Rich

    how drunk are you? not the biggest fan of these kids, but your fucking dumb if you think the average qs guy would surf ppass this well.

  • Checkyourself

    Alex and Koa are a couple of football jocks. Sam Martin runs it. Stay home kook.

  • Haw1977

    Sic vid. The footage doesn’t do it justice. They make it look easy. Lol want to see the wipeout takes or the avalanches that they never made it out of. Overall really good barrel footage from the riders perspective. The avg surfer is never going to get the chance to go there so it’s nice to at least drool a little.

  • Pickles

    The music was absolutely terrible. They are football jocks and Big Rich is uber gay.

  • John

    Football jocks? haha those boys are legends.