Alone In South Africa With Twiggy Baker

Six waves in solitude presented by Vissla

It’s not like it doesn’t happen anymore, but it’s definitely not a common occurrence. Scoring picture perfect waves by yourself almost seems like a dream nowadays – one that you hope will eventually come true, but until then, only exists in the wee hours of the night, between REM and an alarm.

That is, for most of us…

Recently, big wave guru and all-around adventurist Grant “Twiggy” Baker molded this dream into a reality at a barren beach in South Africa. Crisp off-shores, overhead peaks, and not a soul in sight. Sound enticing? Just wait til’ you see the clips – six waves in the raw, featuring Baker getting drained at the S.A. nook that he vows to never disclose. So let this stand as motivation for you to continue your quest for solitude, and serve as a reminder to keep things hush once you find it.

Stay tuned for more from Twiggy’s score, coming soon…

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