Andino, Florence & Davis // Lower Trestles // 2:40

posted by / Video / September 26, 2011

Luke Davis

It’s by no means what our vision of pumping Trestles is. It’s chest high, reddish muddy water (thank you plankton) and a saturated line up. Yet, it doesn’t stop Kolohe Andino, John John Florence or Luke Davis from doing their thang.

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  • ym

    that dude in white seems like a complete douche to me

  • bill jenson

    Andino, Florence & Davis // Lower Trestles // 2:40
    i was there fliming this day and there was a kid on a quad fin with no sponsors killin it harder than all every one out there …
    just goes to show how fuck up the surf industry is ..
    why dont you guys do a real underground issue .. with surfers that dont have the luxury of having a “FAMILY HOOK UP ” and a buch off logos all over there boards.
    how about that ?

  • quintonvega navro

    da goofy futty out der? me ? hah hah

  • JayC

    that really turned into the kolohe show huh?