Andino, Geiselman, De Col // Tahiti // 4:06

posted by / Video / June 22, 2012

Video: Red Bull
Surfers: Kolohe Andino, Evan Geiselman, Cristobal De Col
Location: Teahupo’o, Tahiti

Red Bull’s young guns sharpen their teeth at Tahiti’s most infamous wave, Chopes.

There’s no question about it, they’re going


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5 Responses to “Andino, Geiselman, De Col // Tahiti // 4:06”

  1. Mik says:

    well… that’s going to shut up all the creepy haters, isn’t it? this new crew is for real, and Lord, what perfect technique! BTW: the sponger should have been escorted to the beach… minimum.

  2. ben says:

    little gay at times… but the camera work and surfing was pretty mental..

  3. yep says:

    The small onshore footy doesn’t fit well with those barrels.

  4. rogermeras says:

    that was pretty lame, cristobal is the only one with the balls. evan and klhoe are such homos its crazy

  5. WHY says:

    haters are always the same, jealous pathetic losers that are nothing

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