Andrew Cotton // Nazaré // :57

posted by / Video / February 3, 2014

Another day, another XXL entry from Nazaré Canyon. This time it’s from the UK’s Andrew Cotton. Over the weekend, the old chap grabbed the rope and whipped into a big brown wall of moving water and internet superstardom. So here it is: the biggest wave ever ridden this week. Have at it, Anderson Cooper.

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  • NHS

    Yeah, no doubt it’s a radical attempt, but he fell off. Hey, I would never have been able to ride these waves and I respect all these guys. But he hit chop half way down and the monster mush buried him as he fell. Nice try, brass balls, but no award.

    Sorry, I’m with Laird. Keep it simple and with just a bit of old school logic. These guys should make the wave and pull out, not fall off, to be considered for “biggest wave ridden” competition. Otherwise, it’s just “biggest wave wipeout” which, sorry, is a Special Olympics division. That would include Burle’s recent Nazare bomb and even Fletcher’s and Bruce’s Code Red Teahupoo bombs. You would think that these guys, who all have brass balls, would insist on such a code as “make the wave or it doesn’t count.” But the fame and sponsorship $$$ trumps the logic. So blame Laird and guys like me who say pull out at the end, not fall off mid way, if you want to be taken seriously for riding the biggest wave. Anyway, Nazare and Belharra belong in a different category than places like Peahi, Mavs, Dungeons, Cortes, Todos, Mullaghmore, etc. And Tow In Teahupoo belongs in a category all by itself. So does giant Cloudbreak — I mean that unridden realm that Healey ducked. Somehow I only see Laird with the conditioning and leg strength to tow into, ride, and pull out of, one of those monsters. I hope he gets the chance before he dials it back. He could reset the standard once again as he did in 2000.

    My two cents.

  • B

    what is wrong with you guys ? dont even look like a surf magazine just mocking what others surfers are doing … shame on you

  • Drone on

    Any Surfingmag editor would crap himself just being on a jetski out there. I agree with B. Lay off the lame attempts at sarcasm. Swim out with a pair of fins and get back to me.

  • SurfingKook

    I know Nazare is BIG but I know it’s not that big. I wish they would show a side angle from the water. All the photos of Nazare come from that cliff behind the lighthouse which makes the wave look bigger than it really is. It makes the wave look like it’s 100ft when I know it’s really 50ft.

  • rattone

    I am never one to side with Laird but c’mon man! He did not make the wave, it was a big ole lump so maybe if he made it you could argue an award but this should not be in the running for anything other then a wipeout award. Its gotten ridiculous man, if you do not make the wave it does not count as a ride? how can it be anymore basic then that??

  • Stevef

    It doesn’t look like he did anything wrong.He rode the wave as good as it could be ridden, jet ski assist and all, just looked like he could not get down the face and beat that avalanche. Yeah I think this constitutes riding a wave fairly and squarely. Whether you make the drop is a matter for big wave contests. This looks to the limit of what CAN be ridden with the equipment /technology of today. Maybe if was glassy, he would have nade it??? Iron balls…

  • Boobies

    Respect to all the guys that surf Nazare because i would never have the balls to do it but… I think any recognition that the wave receives should have an asterisk next to it. It almost looks as if the wave never even breaks sometimes and it is clearly much less critical than many other big wave spots. Id venture to say that almost everybody would agree that they would feel safer towing into Nazare at this size than paddling Jaws and Mavs at half this size or towing into Teahupoo and Shipsterns at a third of this size. This is going to be very hypocritical considering ive never surfed anything remotely close to this but i just think its bs when Gmac talks about how difficult this wave is. Half the time people fall off, it looks as if they don’t even get hit by the whitewash (obviously not in this case). I don’t know, just look at the photos of the Mav’s contest last weekend and see how slabbish and powerful the wave looks, much scarier than this. Again, respect because i could never do this but Nazare is wayyy overhyped, there are at least 15 known big wave spots that id consider heavier than huge nazare

  • Snoopo

    I have never been on a surf board I just watched the video because I saw a link somewhere that said “Biggest Wave Ever Ridden” and I clicked on it. My reaction was, “but he fell off” so I agree that the guy gave it a great shot but he failed. It is possible that the wave cannot be ridden but that would just reinforces the fact that this guy did not ride this wave. He tried and I hope he tries again.

  • alby

    I like this formula. Height of peak in feet to where the lip hits the face or flat (in the case the face) plus the same at the shoulder (distance of the lip to face or flat) divided by two= “size” so here.. 20+6=26/2=13 so it’s a 13′ surf…sorry but I’ve seen six feet way more than that mush…

  • sumol

    If this wave was in USA you would all be saying:” the heaviest place on earth,etc”.Mavericks and Jaws are impressive waves…but this is a diferent level, the most impressive photos of Mavs are from the water level,looking up to the wave…I hope someday somebody will take a photo of this wave looking from the bottom of it…you´ll see the diference.In the biggest days at Jaws there are many many surfers out…in Nazare?I don´t see them.Why?.And Its true some waves don`t break…so what?When they brake they brake! Im sure i have never seen whitewater that size in Mavericks…This place is unpredictable,the wave breaks wherever it wants, with huge rocks and currents…just the inside can kill you…big wave surfers know it…thats why you dont see many of them…And we haven`t seen the best of this spot…

  • João Santos

    You guys should see the xxl billabong website and look to the many fotos taken. One guy took fotos from the south village near the water and a near 3/4 angle, the wave looks like a giant quarter pipe, easy over 80ft, you can’t even see the bottom the through is so large.