Andrew Doheny & Friends // Metal Neck // 37:21

posted by / Video / August 8, 2013

Metal Neck from Matt Tromberg on Vimeo.

A full length film about Droid and his head-bangin’ buddies

Metal Jimmy for cameo of the year

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9 Responses to “Andrew Doheny & Friends // Metal Neck // 37:21”

  1. Ty says:

    Matt arcibald is so bummed to have that no talent fruit loop for a child!! I know he told me so! Please nobody sponsor that kid, there are tons of girls who surf better and can actually do a proper turn! Such a joke of a professional!

  2. yeah says:

    ^yup… and cutting his RVCA trunks to make them shorter, i’m sure they are stoked he cut off half the logo. defaming sponsors products= road to sponsorless

  3. Ice Ice Baby says:

    sad the archy genes we not handed down, what a waste

    droid surfs more like archy than ford!

  4. Ice Ice Baby says:

    i concur!

  5. Ice Ice Baby says:

    the beer and ciggys do not make u surf like ur dad ford
    talent and skill first, then the drugs ;/

  6. rick ross says:

    so this is what surfing is coming too. WOW what a shame

  7. Mike Anderson says:

    @ NR exactly and S-ing is promoting it to kids.. should change the title to “HOW TO BE A LOSER WITH A SHORT LIFE AND SAD ENDING”

  8. Shane says:

    This video is sick. Old dudes are mad.

  9. Donny Star says:

    Andrew Doheny in my opinion has one of the best styles of any surfer, past or present. As for the Ford haters, relax—-this kid has never claimed he’s anything other than trying to have fun, and he frickin’ rips. So he’s not his dad—-few are or ever will be.

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