Andrew Doheny // Newport Beach // 3:53

posted by / Video / May 6, 2014

You’re probably either going to praise him or condemn him, but we’ll stick to praise. Here’s the profoundly talented Andrew Doheny having a fling in Newport Beach. A lot of his boards look hand-shaped. A lot of his turns look erratic (in a good way). And this whole thing looks really, really fun. Our hat’s off to filmmaker Matt Tronberg of for the transition at :45 — we dare you to get past 1:01 without so much as a smile.

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  • NS

    Frodo tripping and ripping on a kneeboard.

  • bufu

    I don’t get it. How is this guy sponsored? Dudes surfing has not progressed. Laurie Towner can’t get a pair a boardies for free yet this guy gets paid. Surf industry is shit, all about an image. Even with that this guy’s image is lame too. Oh yeah did I mention he can do a blow tail to reverse.

  • bufu

    Now they’re filtering comments to protect the little guy.

  • Collin

    Andrew Doheny reminds me of a modern day Gavin Beschen. Love the style! He draws some really unique lines that are definitely rooted in the history of surfing style eccentrics.

  • Jeff


  • jerome

    is he using board shorts at the end of the video?? I thought the water in CA was cold until summer.

  • Nick

    We had a couple of 85-90 degree beach days last week. Back to the full suit this week.

  • sean

    andrew rips bufu, farking bafoon. and jerome i think the last clip is panama

  • bufu

    Right Sean. Guy can’t even do a proper air and turns are repetitive. Just watch the Dear Suburbia footage. Actually there’s guy at my local beachie that’ surfs on par with Andrew.


    what a bunch of bullshit said here….. i bet those guys who criticise him doesnt surf a quarter of he does….

    the guy rips, even thoug i dont like what media used to do with him and others ….

  • jerome

    @Sean it looks too glassy to be Panama. Panama’s water is always merky and dark green. I’m moving to California soon from Puerto Rico and this video’s got me pumped. Newport looks super fun, I know I need to get a wet suit, but heck I’d think I’ll have a better time living in Cali.