Andy Irons As A Goofyfooter

posted by / Video / August 14, 2014

Andy Irons’ clips cannot and will not ever get old. Every time you watch A.I., it feels like the first time (Like the very first time! Yes those are Foreigner lyrics. Sue us.) This clip puts a fresh twist on timeless surfing. The mystery is now over for those who have pondered what a surfer of Andy’s caliber would look like as a goofyfooter and it feels disgusting. Ew! We at SURFING Magazine love all surfers equally — regardless of race, religion, age, gender or stance. But this? This just feels wrong. Here’s some normal footage of Andy to erase those visions from your brain before it starts to scar.

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  • asdlfjasd

    Andy just shat on any goofy thats ever lived

  • Nick Carroll

    and Desert Point’s the best right on earth

  • ichorousmedia .

    makes me think that generally, or at least on tour, regular foots are better backside barrel riders. Probably because there are more lengthy tubey lefts in the world than rights…at least that have been discovered.

  • Daniel King

    I still can’t believe he’s not alive anymore.. Seems so surreal

  • Elephant in the room

    I saw Andy in New Jersey, hurricane bill, I didn’t know it was him, I called my friend to tell him how insane this guy in orange shorts is riding, next day front page local news paper Andy irons in nj….rip Andy!

  • RP

    Feel like crying and then go surf my brains out.
    If you have a homey that is having trouble, go make sure they know they are not alone, that you are there to see them through. Put them in a headlock, what ever it takes. You might make that difference that neither one of you knew about. Life is precious.
    Rest in paradise AI.

  • joe

    fuck andy

  • Terry Tappa Teece

    you got it Nick….Those Desert Point rights are hard to find but great when you get them….

  • Mik

    somehow, this helped me make peace with the loss of AI. great soundtrack to Andy’s weapons of lip destruction. many thanx Matty Lopez!

  • Skippy

    Best surf flick ever