Baby Cobras Winner Matt Payne’s Hawaii Edit // 6:08

posted by / Magazine, Video / February 5, 2013

Video: Matt Payne

Baby Cobra Matt Payne captures North Shore action and poses the question

Do you remember your first time?

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5 Responses to “Baby Cobras Winner Matt Payne’s Hawaii Edit // 6:08”

  1. Tyler says:

    this was …. sick

  2. Sean Lesh says:

    Really well done! enjoyed this a lot, keep up the good work boys! inspires me to shoot and edit some new stuff!!

  3. single fin says:

    awesome! very enjoyable

  4. chris is a fag says:

    this is horseshit mate. show some surfing this isnt a commentary contest.

  5. gr8 says:

    that whole clip was in slow mo.. no thanks

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