Balaram, Geiselman, Hobgood // Caribbean, Costa Rica // 5:19

posted by / Video / May 17, 2012

Video by Duncan Henville

Footy from our June Issue featuring the right side of Costa Rica.

Eric doubles downs on the wave of the trip @4:14

See the feature in our June Issue:

You’ve been to Costa Rica. So has your cousin, the one with the soft top. And your yoga teacher. But have we all been missing something? A whole other coastline, perhaps? Despite rumors of crime and fickle waves, SURFING senior photog DJ Struntz, CJ Hobgood, Balaram Stack and Eric Geiselman venture to right-side waters. Guided by Jah and His local prophet, Gilbert Brown, the crew loots a local treasure.

balaram stack

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  • max

    whats the song please??

  • martin baltodano

    Of course i respect Gilbert and the sick job he did geting you those sick waves,.Of course you guys rip at surfing,surfers and staf included,but you guys come in such colonial fashion,even if its not ment to,you speak about ,ex pats,but the ex pats have been true to the area in helping in conserving the area from being commercially exploited,and becoming another beach city ,like ,jaco,or tamarindo.filled with priced up rental and wealthy tourist who spend money on blow ,hookers and nice apartments,high priced residential development,so before making a piece on a beautifull region ,get your facts straight,(P:S)by the way its Nino Medrano.not dino madrano,and he surfed for volcom and is as much a local there as gilbert for you guys to mistype his name.that shit shows your lack of respect in the long run, mamadores,i am a 3rd generation surfer from costa ,and dont care 4 your bullshit endorsements.i dont see no dudes from south central miami sponsored by ,twolah,(straight up cop out),like bobby martinez ,FTW.