Balaram Stack & Michael Dunphy // Panama // 2:25

posted by / Video / April 25, 2014

It’s the crossroads of the Americas. The home of the canal. It’s Panama, and it’s probably your new dream trip. Seriously, how fun do those waves look? Barrels, airs, carves…anything we missed? It doesn’t hurt to have Michael “The Texas Rattlesnake” Dunphy and Balaram Stack riding them. Bal’s backside spin at :52 is easy on the eyes and how about some of those tubes the TR is getting? Brilliant.

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  • Aaron

    East Coast boys Blowing UP!!!

    What a great vid

  • Craig

    Panama looks really fun. Boys are ripping. I know it started elsewhere, but the whole frontside two arm stall for the barrel…. lame. I remember when board control was a part of style and surfing was gauged on style and fun. You know… sink the tail and arch the back with one hand on the wave and the other casually by your side. If you didn’t take off deep enough just do your thing and take off deeper on the next one.

  • Joey Bag O’Doughnuts

    If doin double arm stalls is cool, consider Bal Miles Davis. Seen BaL at the deli the other day getting a cawfee and baygel. Was telling me about this bomb he was about to drwap. Strong Island baby, don’t mess with Strong Island Craig.