Balaram Stack // New York // 2:26

posted by / Video / February 15, 2011

How do you do full-rotation no-grab air reverses inside a rubber boa constrictor? With snow on the beach? Add Balaram Stack to your fantasy team when Quiksilver’s New York event rolls around this year.



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  • Mik

    rad airs. sick fluid style. looks like NY has a legitimate surf star.

    hope he gets a wild card into the NY Quiksilver Million Dollar……

    Plan A: WCT event


    Plan B: Grovelfest fiasco.

  • twists

    stacks actually has a decent little style going…Im diggin’ it.

  • Jimmicane

    This kid is the real deal. Been on the Bal-Stack bangwagon for a while. I have no doubt Quik will give him the wildcard for NY if Slater or Dane don’t need it, but they will probably both already be in.

  • YT

    Fuck that kid rips!

  • parker


  • Don quixote

    Rad ripper, most excellent video de surfing