Balaram Stack // “Spring Cleaning” // 2:43

posted by / Video / April 8, 2013

Video: Bryant Thomas

Spring Cleaning means a fresh start

With an edits like this, we’ll guarantee he gets it


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12 Responses to “Balaram Stack // “Spring Cleaning” // 2:43”

  1. bufu says:

    Yeah that makes sense, drop Bal while you’re paying Ando six figures plus. Who’s making decisions over there? Bal may not be the best contest surfer but he’ s got the propensity to pull massive airs and pack huge ones in Hawaii better than anyone his age. Someone has got to pick this dude up.

  2. Luis says:

    Great surfing and amazing waves too.. Beautiful shots too..!

  3. Props says:

    Bal stack… Mad respect. Tackles heaving pipe and boosts airs.

  4. Yonks says:

    This is why we all love Bal. Ripping harder once the stickers came off!! To a fresh start for a rad human!!!

  5. dr. gonzzz says:

    was absolutly rediculous ……..

  6. Adam says:


  7. Beener says:

    Holy Shit I had no idea he was that gnarly…

  8. chris eaves says:

    that was sick hope for the best old friend!

  9. stephen koehne says:

    yah i agree….balaram stack is on the fore front of the future of surfing…definitely got it all and def got more swag then “Ando” lol

  10. masniffur says:

    east coast representing !!!!!!!

  11. aphh says:

    fuck ya

  12. Drew says:

    Stoked on Bal for the new job. Good move by Volcom…If I were RipCurl Id be cursing over this one. Have to remember that Balaram comes from the most populated region of the U.S. with a giagantic emerging market for the surf industry (in wetsuits alone). Volcom East, has Gleason among others who Im sure moves more product off the rack (excel/chemistry/volcom)than he gets compensated fairly for. Bal’s icing on the cake for Volcom especially for NYC regional sales…Still kinda think RipCurl dropped the ball big time on him, would’ve been a good edition to a lacking U.S. region for them…Maybe they were too busy sticking their heads up Gabe Medina’s ass.

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