Benjamin Sanchis & Friends // Nias // 5:01

posted by / Video / September 25, 2013

This clip here — it’s for the purist. There are no air reverses. There are no Jet Skis. There is no uppity indie song to be strummed at Coachella one year and forgotten by the next. No, it’s far more simple than that. Benjamin Sanchis, Alain Riou, Koby Abberton, Tai Graham, Diego Santos Bonfiglioli and Antony Dachi just paddle in, scoop under the lip and enjoy the ride. They had the pleasure of scoring some of the biggest Nias we’ve ever feasted our eyes on and they knew exactly what to do with it — the foamball straddle at :32 is second to none. And that wave at 3:11? So much better than the band.

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  • Ben

    Hmmm… Waves like that break with incredible regularity in Indonesia… and yet the tour goes to Brazil, Trestles, and Bells… Hmmmm, strange.

  • Alexandro

    this video, ultra good. beachs beatifull. good luck

  • John

    These are real waves… need to even show those crap waves from the east coast…

  • Schwarz Epperson

    I just come back from #Nias! Beautifull place! Surfer’s paradise! HashFamilySurfCamp hotel excellent atention..ready to return! “Enjoy your Nias Surf trip like never before!” i want it!