The Best GoPro Clip Ever?

posted by / Video / June 11, 2014

This clip of Benji Brand in Namibia is going viral and a lot of folks are touting it as the best GoPro clip ever. But, just like there shall be no taxation without representation, there shall be no touting without analyzation. Not on our watch. So is this really the best GoPro clip ever? Is it really? Let’s look at the facts. 54 seconds of real-time tube weaving. Multiple spits. Too many barrel sections to count because ADD. Shit, it might just be best. We’d like to believe that there’s some GoPro footage involving a celebrity — let’s say Rihanna — doing things in private, but such a thing probably won’t be released until her career is in shambles a decade from now. So, until then, enjoy the throne Benji Brand.

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  • James Stewart


  • MV

    this wave’s a machine, those last 2 sections where it bottomed-out.. fuckin nuttty

  • Ceeed949


  • Rica Mami!

    Si wey!! Tubazo con chicharones…

  • Nick Carroll

    Take that Stanley fcuken Kubrick

  • tony

    how are we supposed to know how long this is if its in slo-mo?

  • Mik

    two thoughts, in an otherwise thoughtless mind:

    u can’t pull out of a wave like that, even at the end. it’d be like getting a divorce after 50 years of happy marriage.

    unfortunately, Mick Fanning sent a Go=Pro of 4 off-thep-lips, so sorry Benji. according to Rich Porta you lose.

  • Vittorio Sommella

    Yes it is !

  • dude


  • Job

    the full speed clip is at the end. 48 seconds or so.


    Try to watch till the end before asking lol

  • jimwirshing

    Awesome. Especially, with that hazy sun drawing him thru the tube!

  • Remo

    Now that is some ride.

  • Ivor Kellock

    awesome share tx 😉

  • david blaine, what the eff

    I felt like I was playing transworld surf for xbox.

  • Chip Curry


  • dude

    “the best go pro ever”
    hand down. yes

  • Lou War

    All I can say is WOW

  • ROY

    definitely a 10 but not the best ever. the guys in the wingsuits flying at 100++ mph next to cliffs… THOSE are the BEST EVER… IMHO.

  • Alex

    What’s a gopro ?

  • Jimmy james

    A guy I know jumped off the world Trade Center with a go pro… and some other guy did a video where he jumped off a cliff and landed in water with great white sharks right there .. not the best

  • Alberto Silva


  • Matthew Morgan

    so awesome, looks like a dream or when your remembering your last barrel and it slowed down

  • Lyn Chun

    Amazing!!!!!, what a beautiful video, mahalo for sharing..<3

  • Crash Landon

    Cuz it showed the real time after the slow mo numb nutz , lol . Patience Tony , Patience 😉

  • Jay Singer

    All things considered, Kubrick may well have taken that. Think about it.

  • Tom

    GoPro was founded after 9/11. How is jumping off of the World Trade Center with a GoPro possible?

  • muark

    You do know there’s a new world trade center building right? Freedom tower