Billabong Team // Mullaghmore // 3:20

posted by / Video / February 5, 2014

Mullaghmore takes everything that is beautiful about Teahupo’o and annihilates it. Warm? Nope. Perfect? Not even. Picturesque blue water? Hell no. This wave is a bona fide monster. Still, Benjamin Sanchis, Tom Butler, Peter Conroy, Caino Chuillinn, Francois Liets, Barry Mottershead and Conor Maguire tackled it. It’s another instance in which the use of Jet Skis are warranted. Would any sane man give this a go without the rope? Mark Healy, are you listening?

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  • Robert

    Sorry, but that footage is not of Teahupo’o.

  • Netizen

    Wow. Check 2:48 . Is it me or is that a XXL contender?

    Massive. Absolutely massive.

  • J-M

    Uh, no Robert, it isn’t. It’s of Mullaghmore. Kind of like it says everywhere on the page.

  • Timma!

    How are those boils at 1:30? sketchy

  • skippy

    6’2″ ed it in trunks was sik whar’s the phortos of me? U eating too many potatoes out there to film me properly eh? A wee bit O’ whiskey may brighten your mood O’Flannerty but until then G me so sorry.