Billabong Pro Final Day // Tahiti // 2:59

posted by / Video / August 26, 2014

We’re still sweating. Yesterday — according to the internet — was the best day of professional surfing ever. John John and Kelly had one of the most fantastic heats (or surf session) that we’ve ever laid eyes on. If that’s not good theater, then we don’t know what is — we’re looking at you, Billy Shakespeare. Just press play and relive all of yesterday’s dreams without the pest of lulls. Enjoy.

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  • John Macble

    SurfingMagazine learn a little with the best big surfer and human out there

    Gabriel Medina has more #haters than any surfer I can think of. I can’t believe the amount of shit talking that has been aimed at this kid. A kid who is 20 years old and beat Kelly fair and square in the final at giant #Teahupoo|| I am so pumped to see someone new stepping up against the best, leading the ratings and taking scalps under immense pressure. It’s rad that he is patriotic and doing it with his whole country behind him. In my opinion he killed it at Teahupoo and deserved to win. Exciting times for surfing, and as a fan I can’t wait to see the title race unfold! Hopefully Kelly and JJF will continue their incredible form as well

  • Micky A.

    I agree with John M. I think it’s fantastic for the sport and I’m happy for the kid. I’m not a hater, but I haven’t been a fan either, but no one can argue this kid deserves respect 100%. I would also like to ask. I heard JJ beat Kelly, but the scores did not reflect it. I didn’t see it because Indo also was pumping and I was well getting Barreled and getting Pounded and the first day of the swell not in that order, but anyway I have not had a chance to watch the reply of JJ and KS. Any comments? Should it have been JJ and GM in the final??