Bobby Martinez // California // 5:52

posted by / Video / May 21, 2014

Don’t you think Bobby Martinez would absolutely thrive on the new WCT? His backhand so sharp, his post-heat interviews so curt. It’d be a dose of character (both in and out of the water) that the 2014 tour could really benefit from. Unfortunately, that scenario is nothing more than a dream and we’ll just have to settle for edits like this. But hey, we’re not complaining — Bobby’s still got it!

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  • Collin

    It’s good to see Bobby enjoying his surfing again and it seems like he’s in a good place. Without a doubt he’s one of the best goofyfooters of his generation.

  • NahNed


  • Jorge Bocanegra

    4:53 – 5:02 where is that?

  • yeah guy

    A few more rights and that clip would have been an 11.

  • Charles

    Yea Bobby.

  • Eric

    After riding asymmetric boards for the last 3.5 years (with one big twin or single foil keel fin toe-side, front and rear quad fins heel-side), what Bobby said about not being able to surf a 3-fin/thruster stood out to me, as I can’t ride mine anymore, I can’t even do a bottom turn. Same effect as he mentioned, more drive, tighter turns, better control, and it’s the same design change really, wider tail to accommodate the fins, shorter rail (on heel side), as well as making the board shorter and wider overall to accommodate average CA conditions. Screw the 6 fin, that’ll probably be too tracky, but I think he might actually like an assym. Kelly followed in the same light and seemed to enjoy them for awhile, only makes sense to experiment in the same direction.