Bobby Martinez Plays Tennis

posted by / Video / November 8, 2011

Bobby Martinez Plays Tennis

Bobby’s back! After falling off the tour a couple months ago, Martinez returns to internet stardom. Todd Kline investigates Bobby’s thoughts on the ASP Tour, Kelly Slater’s premature world title victory and the ATP.

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  • pepperdeath

    Gary Busey makes more sense than Booby Martinez!

  • Chongo

    yawn… Busey, classic!

  • Chongo

    oh and Klien bending over pretty far to pick up some trash…

  • apphh

    not a prius man…

  • Matt OBrien

    Klien all time!

  • Mrs. Martinez

    What a tool.

  • Mik


  • chris

    just PLLLLLEEEASSE GO AWAY Bobby. I am now a worse person for watching that and may God have mercy on my soul. Good job by Klein though. Made those questions seem impromptu, fresh and genuine…

  • lol

    pretty intelligent guy, I’m sure he’ll do well for himself

  • Sliding Sense

    You’ll be a ball boy soon enough, Bobby. Go fetch me some lemonade!

  • sam

    that was painful to watch

  • FL

    blow it

  • tity

    slater and slayer is just as pathetic as steph and suicidal t, horibal markiting going on in surfing… ftw

  • dan

    What a bone head!

  • Mag

    I wish this fricken guy would quit verbally ejaculating about how bad his vag hurts and just surf. Just shut up and surf.

  • Mic

    Hopeless and sad,

  • Murph

    I am not even going to watch this video, that’s how fucken stupid Bobby has become. Sad to see one of your favorite surfers turn into a douche bag cause he can’t keep up with the elite.

  • daneolds

    ¨that was gold man… that was gold¨hahah definitely yes!!

  • dgb

    How very American all the comments are. As one of the worlds top surfers you have a legitimate complaint about how the sport is being run, you express those concerns publicly and bang! You’re barred. You’re finished. And all the fans just want him to suck it up quietly. No wonder you’re all part of the 1% – you all just suck up whatever is marketed at you.

  • Jeremy

    dgb. Nearly everyone else on this thread has successfully bridged the intellectual chasm you have just dived into head first. Congratulations.

  • jbg

    Ludicrous. Shut up and surf!

  • Murph

    Jbg your as big an idiot as Bobby if thats what you think, get your head out of your ass and maybe do some background research before making a fool of yourself like that again.

  • guyguy

    Fucking stupid (emphasis on the stupid)!

  • Heraldo

    Bobby see you at Albertsons, late night stacking eggs.

  • parker

    bobby is a fucking idiot. He single handedly ruined his career. bye bye income.

  • stupid

    DOuche bag fake ass wanna be gangster mexicant even speak spanish but has sombero tats…. go away bob and join your people picking veggies in the feilds of ventura

  • Bond

    All you had to do was surf as an athlete, have a cool social life, and collect your money.
    Just live and enjoy.

  • Mitch Hedberg

    The depressing thing about tennis is that no matter how good I get, Ill never be as good as a wall.